Selected Publications:


Damiani, G. de Silva, J. (2017) Rift. London UK: EXHIBIT London

Published by EXHIBIT London, 2017.

Rift is a publication published by EXHIBIT London with comissioned texts by Giulia Damiani and José da Silva, artworks by Theodore Ereira-Guyer. Designed by Giulia Garbin. It accompanied a solo-exhibition of artist Theodore Ereira-Guyer.

Infinite Unica

Damiani, G. Ereira-Guyer, T. (2016). Infinite Unica. Amman JO: ECF European Culture Foundation.

Infinite Unica is a publication that relates to three weeks of poster-making and reflections in Jordan by writer Giulia Damiani in collaboration with The Studio based in Amman and the artist Theodore Ereira-Guyer.

Further details on the exhibition and book can be found in the PRESS RELEASE and in an ARTICLE written by Giulia Damiani for the art platform Elizabeth Xi Bauer.

An Artist's publication given with a talk, workshop and exhibtion in Amman Jordan, Spring 2016.

First Movement

Bond, J. Damiani, G. Ereira-Guyer, T. Llewellyn-Jones, S. (2015). First Movement. London UK: Arts and Culture Project.

First Movement presented new works by artists Theodore Ereira-Guyer and Samuel Llewellyn-Jones and writers Jessie Bond and Giulia Damiani. The title of the book talks of the evolving conversations that nourished this collaboration among four; etymologically, a method is what is found "after a travelling" ("meta-hodos"). In the search for a method, for a regular form that can collate different works together, a shape has been chosen following shifting tones and dramatic turnabouts, conscious that a larger understanding arrives in this moment of display.

The works and texts gathered in First movement look at notions of direction, both horizontal and vertical. It considers linear progressions of size, of scales, it follows the simple movement of bodies from one space and time to another, as well as impossible inversions, impediments to orientation and expanded meanings: new directions are often synonymous with developments and societal progress.

Further details on the exhibition and book can be found in the


A book with text and work from a two-person exhibition at Arcane Gallery, Spring 2015.

Coated in Pre-existence

Coutts, N. Damiani, G. (2016) Coated in Pre-existence. London UK: Elizabeth Xi Bauer

Published by Elizabeth Xi Bauer, 2016. 

Coated in Pre-existence is published by Elizabeth Xi Bauer with essays by Professor Dr. Nicky Coutts and Giulia Damiani. Artworks by Theodore Ereira-Guyer, Petra Feriancová, Marta Jakobovits, Abraham Kritzman and Catalin Petrisor. Designed by Giulia Garbin.

Pinching the Earth, this measuring touch

Damiani, G. Ereira-Guyer, T. (2015). Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch. Bucharest RO: ODD, ALERT STUDIO, Movin' up.

Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch is an exhibition and book featuring new works by writer Giulia Damiani and artist Theodore Ereira-Guyer. The title talks of the reflection on the notion of weight carried out in one-month residency by the two collaborators in Bucharest. The residency was organised in partnership with the centre ODD and the gallery ALERT Studio both based in Bucharest.

Further details on the exhibition and book can be found in


A book published alongside a solo exhibition in Bucharest Romania, Autumn 2015.